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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6603 Course Syllabus


Advanced Digital Communications (3-0-3)

ECE 6602


Catalog Description
The theory and practice of efficient digital communications over linear dispersive channels, including adaptive equalization and synchronization

Barry, Lee, & Messerschmitt, Digital Communication (3rd edition), Springer, 2004. ISBN 9780792375487 (required)

Topical Outline
Deterministic DSP Review
-Minimum Phase, All-pass, Monic
-Spectral Factorization Theorem
-Relate Geometric Mean to Spectral Factorization

Stochastic DSP Review
-Review Autocorrelation and  PSD
-Innovations Representation of Random Process
-Linear Prediction, Noise Whitening, and Spectral Factorization

PAM and Intersymbol Interference
-Overview of PAM System with ISI
-Equivalent Complex Baseband Model for Passband Channels
-Nyquist Pulse Shapes, Raised-cosine Pulses
-Eye Diagrams

Maximum-Likelihood Sequence Detection
-One-shot Minimum-Distance = Matched Filter
-Resolve Apparent Contradiction:  MF over LE
-Maximum-Likelihood Sequence Detection
-MF Yields Sufficient Statistics
-The Whitened-MF also yields sufficient statistics
-The Viterbi Algorithm

Optimal Symbol-by-Symbol Equalization
-Linear Equalization
-Decision-Feedback Equalization

Finite-Tap, Adaptive Equalization
-MMSE Equalizers
-Deterministic Gradient Algorithm
-Stochastic Gradient Algorithm
-Recursive Least Squares
-Adaptive DFE
-Fractionally-Spaced Equalization

Advanced Equalization Techniques
-Transmitter Equalization
-Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding
-Partial Response
-Multicarrier Modulation over ISI Channels
-Relationship to Water Pouring Capacity
-Combined Coding and Equalization:  Multicarrier vs Precoding

Blind Equalization
-The Constant-Modulus Algorithm
-Blind Equalization via Linear Prediction
-The Sato, Goddard, and Shalvi-Weinstein Algorithms

Carrier Recovery
-Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Phase-Locked Loops
-Phase Detectors and VCO's
-Decision-directed Carrier Recovery
-Power-of-n Carrier Recovery

Timing Recovery
-Spectral-line Methods
-MMSE Methods
-Non-fractionally-spaced Methods

-Software implementation of receiver, including downconversion, resampling, 
carrier recovery, timing recovery, and adaptive equalization