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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6560 Course Syllabus


Advanced Computer Vision & Image Processing using PDEs and Active Contours (3-0-3)

ECE 6550


Catalog Description
Algorithms for computer vision and image processing, emphasizing partial-differential equation and active contour methods. Topics include image smoothing and enhancement, edge detection, morphology, and image reconstruction.

No Textbook Specified.

Topical Outline
Brief PDE Background
* Introductory theory for linear partial differential equations
* Algorithms and issues for numerical implementation

Nonlinear Image Denoising and Enhancement Algorithms
* Greyscale Image Smoothing using Anisotropic Diffusion
* Continuous Morphology Methods for Grayscale Images

Design of Nonlinear Image Filters using the Calculus of Variations

Active Contour Methods
* Differential geometry for curves
* Snakes (parametric active contours)
* Geometric active contours (curve evolution)
* Level Set Methods (implicit active contours)

Advanced Computer Vision Algorithms
* Image segmentation using active contours
* Optical flow and steory disparity estimation using PDE's.
* Variational Approaches to Image Registration
* Visual Tracking with Active Contours

3D Surface Reconstruction Algorithms
* Differential geometry for surfaces
* Volumetric Image Segmentation using Active Surfaces
* Variational Approaches to Shape from Shading
* Multi-view Stereo Surface Reconstruction

Color Image Processing
* Multi-channel versus geometric modeling of color imagery
* Color Image Denoising, Inpainting, Smoothing, and Enhancement

Shape Analysis
* Shape Comparison and Matching
* Shape Morphing
* Shape correspondence algorithms