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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6557 Course Syllabus


Manufacturing Systems Design (3-0-3)



Catalog Description
Analytic and simulation tools for design, control and optimization of manufacturing systems. Discrete event dynamic systems and optimization.

Cassandras & Lafortune, Introduction to Discrete Event Systems (2nd edition), Kluwer, 1999. ISBN 9780387333328 (required)

Topical Outline
Introduction (1 week)
     The importance of optimization in manufacturing
     Production control strategies
     The relationship between design, control and optimization
     The role of simulation in systems optimization

The Manufacturing Layout Problem (3 weeks)
     Cell design and machine grouping within a cell
     Inter-cell layout problems and resource allocation
     Optimization methods: simulated annealing and genetic algorithms

Resource Allocation Problems (4 weeks)
     Resource allocation in manufacturing systems
     Modeling by discrete event dynamic systems
     Perturbation analysis
     Petri networks and event graphs
     Cycle-time optimization
     Numerical simulation and optimization techniques

Supply Managament and Control (3 weeks)
     Inventory and backlogging
     Uncertain yield times and their effects on production schedules
     Optimal supply managament: numerical algorithms

Scheduling Problems (3 weeks)
     NP hardness and instability
     The perturbation problem and sensitivity analysis
     Numerical optimization