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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6551 Course Syllabus


Digital Control (3-0-3)

ECE 6550


Catalog Description
Techniques for analysis and synthesis of computer-based control systems. Design projects provide an understanding of the application of digital control to physical systems.

Ogata, Discrete-Time Control Systems (2nd edition), Prentice Hall, 1995. ISBN 9780130342812 (required)

Topical Outline
Sampled-Data Modeling (3 weeks)
    Exact Models for Linear Systems
    Approximate Models for Nonlinear Systems
    Applications to Pulse-Modulated Systems
    System Identification

Analysis of Sampled-Data Models (3 weeks)
    Solution of Difference Equations
    Pole and Zero Locations
    Stability of Systems and Their Inverses
    Controllability and Observability
    Hidden Oscillations

Translation of Analog Design (1 week)
    Approximations Based on Transfer Functions
    Approximations Based on State Equations
    Digital PID Controllers

Direct Digital Design for Regulation (3 weeks)
    Regulator Design by Pole-Placement
    Observer Design by Pole-Placement
    Deadbeat Design
    Gain Calculation by LQ Optimization
    Separation Principle

Direct Digital Design for Tracking (3 weeks)
    Two Degree-of-Freedom Controller Structure
    Use of Feedforward Compensation
    Approximate Inverses for Non-Minimum-Phase Systems

Digital Control of Nonlinear Systems (1 week)
    Numerical Methods for Solving Systems of Equations
    Controllers and Observers from Newton's Method