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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6530 Course Syllabus


Modulation, Diffractive and Crystal Optics (3-0-3)

Technical Interest
Optics and Photonics



Catalog Description
Provides a working knowledge of temporal and spatial optical modulation, diffractive optical devices and crystal optics.

No Textbook Specified.

Indicators (SPIs)
SPIs are a subset of the abilities a student will be able to demonstrate upon successfully completing the course.

Outcome 1 (Students will demonstrate expertise in a subfield of study chosen from the fields of electrical engineering or computer engineering):
1.	Explain optical propagation in uniaxial and biaxial media in terms of the allowed wavevector surface and the index ellipsoid.
2.   Explain the operation and accuracy of birefringent devices such as beamsplitters and polarizers.

Outcome 2 (Students will demonstrate the ability to identify and formulate advanced problems and apply knowledge of mathematics and science to solve those problems):
1.	Analyze the operation of linear and quadratic n electro-optic modulators based on the electro-optic tensor.
2.	Analyze diffraction from a one-dimensional grating based on the Floquet condition and phase matching.

Outcome 3 (Students will demonstrate the ability to utilize current knowledge, technology, or techniques within their chosen subfield):
1.	Design photonic crystal devices based on their band representation and the Bragg condition.
2.	Design negative permittivity metamaterial devices based on their plasma resonances.

Topical Outline
Optical Propagation in Birefringent Crystals 
     Birefringence and index ellipsoid 
     Uniaxial and biaxial crystals 

Linear Birefringent Devices 
     Polarizers and retardation plates 

Circular Birefringent Devices 
     Optical activity devices 
     Magneto-optic devices 

Wave Interference 
     Interference fringes 
     Period and slant angle 
     Holographic recording

Electro-Optic Modulation 
     Electro-optic tensor 
     Induced birefringence 
     Electro-optic amplitude modulator 
     Electro-optic phase modulator 

Diffractive Optics 
     Floquet condition 
     Grating equation 
     Bragg condition  
     Grating diffraction analysis 
     Rigorous coupled-wave analysis 
     Diffraction regimes 
     Thick and thin gratings 
     Angular and wavelength selectivity 

Photorefractive Devices 
     Bulk photovoltaic effect 
     Holographic storage 
     Photorefractive/electro-optic modulators 

Acousto-Optic Modulation 
     Shear and compressional waves 
     Photoelastic effect 
     Acousto-optic modulators 
     Acousto-optic deflectors