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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6510 Course Syllabus


Electro-Optics (3-0-3)

Technical Interest
Optics and Photonics



Catalog Description
Study of the fundamental principles and primary applications of lasers, and of detectors of optical radiation.

Verdeyen, Laser Electronics (3rd edition), Prentice Hall, 1995. ISBN 9780137066667 (required)

Indicators (SPIs)
SPIs are a subset of the abilities a student will be able to demonstrate upon successfully completing the course.

Outcome 1 (Students will demonstrate expertise in a subfield of study chosen from the fields of electrical engineering or computer engineering):
1.	Analyze a Fabry-Perot interferometer and obtain the resonant wavelengths (modes).
2.	Understand the working principles and characteristics of various lasers

Outcome 2 (Students will demonstrate the ability to identify and formulate advanced problems and apply knowledge of mathematics and science to solve those problems):
1.	Calculate the lasing threshold condition of common laser structures.

Outcome 3 (Students will demonstrate the ability to utilize current knowledge, technology, or techniques within their chosen subfield):
1.	Identify modern applications for various laser types, including gas, solid state, and semiconductor lasers.

Topical Outline
     Wave Propagation
          Laws of Reflection and Refraction
          Interference and Coherence

     Ray Tracing
          ABCD Matrices 
          Stability Criterion

     Gaussian Beams
          ABCD Propagation

     Optical Cavities
          Fabry Perot Resonance
          ABCD Law
          Photon Lifetime
     Introduction to Lasers
          Stimulated Emission
          Einstein Coefficients
          Threshold and Steady State Conditions
          Two, Three, and Four Level Laser Systems

     Laser Dynamics
          Q-switching and Mode-locking
          Saturable Absorbers and Amplifiers
     Laser Examples
          Doped Insulator Lasers
          Gas Lasers
          Dye Lasers
          Excimer Lasers
          Semiconductor Lasers
     Detection of Optical Radiation
          Square Law Devices
          Optical Communication