ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6456 Course Syllabus


Solar Cells (3-0-3)



Catalog Description
To provide a practical understanding of semiconductor materials and technology as it relates to design and development of efficient solar cells and photovoltaic systems.

S. Wenham, M. Green, M. Watt, R. Corkish, Applied Photovoltaics, Earthscan Publishing, 2006. ISBN 9781844074013(optional)

Green, Solar Cells: Operating Principles, Technology and Systems Applications, Bridge printery Pty. Ltd., 1992. ISBN 9780858235809(optional) (comment: Free on-line PDF textbook )

Topical Outline
Solar Cells & Sunlight
      The photovoltaic vision
      Physical source of sunlight, solar constant & insolation data
      Direct & diffuce radiation
Review of Seminconductor Properties
      Dynamics of electrons and holes
      Generation & Recombination processes semiconductors
      Interaction of sunlight with semiconductors
      Reflectance & absorption of light
Junction and Operating Principles of Solar Cells
      Homo & hetero-junctions
      Dark & illuminated characteristics of solar cells
      Internal quantum efficiency of solar cell
      Equivalent circuit of solar cels
      Solar cell output parameters
Efficiency Limits & Losses in Solar Cells
      Efficiency limits for black-body cells
      Short-circuit current losses
      Open-circuit voltage losses
      Fill factor losses
      Effect of temerature on cell performance
      Practically achievable efficiency limit
Silicon Solar Cell & Module Fabrication
      Promising photovoltaic silicon materials
      Baseline silicon solar cell fabrication
      Processing of advanced silicon solar cells
      Photovoltaic module construction
Design of High Efficiency silicon Solar Cells
      Surface recombination velocity & spectral response considerations
      heavy doping effects, junction depth, & emitter dopint profile 
      Substrate doping, thickness & diffusion length considerations
      Grid design
      Back surface field design
      Antirefleciton coating design
      Textured surfaces for light trapping
Heterojunction, Thin-Film & Other Promising Solar Cells
      Gallium arsenide solar cells
      Amorphous ilicon thin-film solar cells
      Polycrystalilne thin-film CdTe and CuInSe2 cells
      Multijunciton solar cells
      Concentrator cells
Photovoltaic Systems & Applications
      Stand along PV Systems
      Utility-interactive PV systems
      Modeling & design of PV systems
      PV in bulidngs
      cost analysis & future of PV systems