ECE Course Outline


Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas (3-0-3)

ECE 6350
Catalog Description
The fundamentals of electromagnetic radiation and antennas.
Milligan, T. A., Modern Antenna Design (2nd edition), Wiley-IEEE Press, 2005. ISBN 9780471457763 (required)

Topical Outline
Antenna Fundamentals
 - Dipole and Loop Antennas
 - Antenna Parameters
 - Noise Temperature
 - Baluns

Near-field and Far-field Calculations of Antenna Radiation
 - Electric and Magnetic Currents
 - Source/field Relations
 - Huygens' Equivalence Principle
 - Application to Aperture Antennas

Impedance of Antennas
 - Reciprocity Theorems and the Induced EMF Method
 - The Antenna as a Boundary Value Problem
 - Impedance of a Waveguide-fed Aperture Antenna
 - Impedance of a Dipole: Pocklington Equation
 - Impedance by Numerical Methods: The Method of Moments
 - Example of General-purpose Numerical Technique:  The NEC Code

Phased Array Antennas and Their Synthesis
 - Introduction to Arrays
 - Uniform and Nonuniform Linear Arrays
 - Synthesis of Linear Array Antennas
 - Dolph-Chebyshev Arrays
 - Taylor Distribution Functions

Microstrip Antennas
 - Single-mode cavity model for radiation calculations
 - Multi-mode cavity model for impedance calculations
 - Feed Structures for Linear and Circular Polarization
 - Electric-field Integral Equation & Green's Functions
 - Design of Microstrip Patch Antennas

Helical Antennas
 - Normal-mode and Axial-mode Helical Antennas
 - Leaky-wave Radiation from Helices