ECE Course Outline


Applied Electromagnetics (3-0-3)

Catalog Description
The methodology and application of advanced electromagnetic theory.
Smith, An Introduction to Classical Electromagnetic Radiation, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1997. ISBN 9780521586986 (required)

Topical Outline
Basic Theory
  Maxwell's Equation in Integral and Differential Form
  Boundary Conditions
  Energy and Poynting's Theorem
  Boundary Value Problems and the Uniqueness Theorem

Homogeneous Plane Waves
  States of Polarization
  Poincare Sphere and Stokes Parameters
  Examples from Antenna Analysis and Optics

Inhomogeneous Plane Waves and the Plane Wave Spectrum
  Two-Dimensional TE and TM Fields
  Plane Wave Spectrum for 2-D Fields
  Asymptotic or Radiated Field
  Plane Wave Spectrum for 3-D Fields
  Examples from Diffraction Theory

Electromagnetic Analogues of Optical Principles
  Huygens' Principle
  Babinet's Principle
  Transmission Coefficients and Scattering Cross Sections

Radiation Integrals
  Electromagnetic Potentials
  Retarded Potentials and Electromagnetic Field

Dipole Radiation
  Electrically Small Antennas (Linear and Loop)
  Rayleigh Scattering