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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6336 Course Syllabus


Dynamics and Control of Electric Machine Drives (3-0-3)

ECE 3070


Catalog Description
A study of the dynamics and control of electric machinery and variable speed machine drive systems.

Mohan, Advanced Electric Drives: Analysis, Control, and Modeling Using Simulink, Wiley, 2014. ISBN 9781118485484 (required) (used Spring 2004)

Topical Outline
I. Electromechanical Systems (1 weeks)
   A.  Machine load characteristics
   B.  Drive system elements
   C.  Required drive characteristics
II. DC Drives (2 weeks)
   A.  Ratings and motor characteristics
   B.  Speed control
   C.  Closed loop control system design
III. Induction Motor Drives (2 weeks)
   A.  Review of steady-state characteristics
   B.  Speed Control:  variable rotor resistance, variable voltage, 
variable frequency.
   C.  Constant V/Hz control, field weakening, capability
IV. Current-Sourced Inverter Drives.  (1/2 week)
   A.  Six-step GTO-CSI.
V. Voltage-Sourced Inverter Drives.  (2 weeks)
   A.  Square-wave inverters
   B.  PWM inverters:  sine-triangle modulation, harmonic elimination
   C.  Comparison of CSI and VSI drives, applications
VI. Advanced Control of Voltage-Sourced Inverters.  (2 weeks)
   A.  Coordinate and reference frame transformations
   B.  DQ vector modulation
   C.  Stationary and synchronous current regulators
VII. Synchronous Motor Drives (1 week)
   A.  Review of steady-state characteristics
   B.  Load commutated drives
VIII. Induction Motor Dynamics (2 weeks)
   A.  DQ (Coupled Circuit) modeling of an induction motor
   B.  Introduction to small signal modeling
IX. Torque (Vector) Controlled Drives (2-1/2 weeks)
   A.  Torque control in synchronous motors, brushless DC drives
   B.  Induction motor field orientation (Steady State), detuned operation
   C.  Implementation of a torque controlled drive
   D.  Dynamics Of field orientation
   E.  Direct and indirect field orientation
   F. Sensorless control of induction machines