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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6323 Course Syllabus


Power System Protection (2-2-3)

ECE 4320


Catalog Description
The theory and practice of modern power system protection techniques.

Elmore, Walter, Protective Relaying: Theory and Applications (2nd edition), Marcel Dekker, 2003. ISBN 0824709721 (required) (used Summer 2002)

Horowitz and Phadke, Power System Relaying, Second Edition (2 edition), Research Studies Press, LTD, 2003. ISBN 0 86380 185 4 (required)

Topical Outline
  The Power system
  Protection philosophy
  Zones of protection
  Protective equipment

Review of Background Material
  Power system modeling
  Symmetrical components
  Three phase faults
  Asymmetric faults
  Fault transients
  Transformer in-rush currents
  Motor starting transients
  Effects of grounding
  High impedance faults
Relaying Instrumentation
  Instrument transformers VTs, and CTs
  Characteristic of VTs, nd CTs

Protection Fundamentals
  Overcurrent protection
  Overvoltage / undervoltage protection
  Underfrequency / overfrequency protection
  Zone distance protection
  Differential protection
  Pilot relaying
  Computer relaying

Protective Relaying Applications
  Generator protection
  Motor protection
  Transformer protection
  Bus protection
  Line production - network, radial
  Reactor and shunt capacitor protection

Stability, /Reclosing, and Load Shedding
  Out-of-Step relaying
  Synchroclosers (Dynamic, Static)
  Load conversion

Fundamentals of Computer Relaying
  Overview of computer relaying
  Hardware organization
  Integration of substation functions