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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6321 Course Syllabus


Power System Stability (3-0-3)

ECE 4320


Catalog Description
Techniques for stability analysis of electric power systems and applications of these methods.

Course Notes.(optional)

Topical Outline
Definition of the Stability Problem

Classical Transient Analysis
  The swing equation
  Transient power formula
  Solution techniques

Stability Theory Review
  Stability criteria
  Asymptotic stability/marginal stability
  Stability techniques for linear systems
  Stability techniques for nonlinear systems
  Energy methods (Liapunov)

Synchronous Machine Models
  Park's transformations
  Simplified models
  Per unit analysis
  Generator drive inertial models

Power System Stability under Small Perturbations
  Linearized models
  Modal analysis
  Torsional oscillations

Power System Stability Under Large Perturbations 
  The single unit case
  The multi-machine case
  Time domain methods
  Energy methods

Voltage Stability
  Generator exciter models
  Electric load models
  Static voltage stability
  Voltage dynamics

Stability of Power Systems with FACTS
  Stability of switching systems
  Small signal analysis
  Large signal analysis
  Control schemes