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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6255 Course Syllabus


Digital Processing of Speech Signals (3-0-3)

Technical Interest
Digital Signal Processing

ECE 4270 or ECE 6250


Catalog Description
The application of digital signal processing to problems in speech communication. Part of this goal requires a laboratory project.

Rabiner & Schafer, Theory and Applications of Digital Speech Processing, Pearson Higher Education, 2011. ISBN 9780136034285 (required)

Indicators (SPIs)
SPIs are a subset of the abilities a student will be able to demonstrate upon successfully completing the course.

Topical Outline
Segmental Descriptions of Speech
   Concept of a Phoneme, Phonemic Analysis 
   Distinctive Features
Supersegmental Description of Speech
   Derived Constituent Structure
   Grammar (Generative and Transformational)
The Vocal Mechanism
   Electrical Analog of the Vocal Tract
   Two Tube Model for Vowels
   Fricatives, Glides, Liquids and Stops
Review of Digital Signal Processing Methods
Fourier Transforms
System Functions
Sampling Theorem
   Digital Models for Speech Production
   Acoustics of Speech Production, Properties of Speech Waveform
   Digital Models and Basic Problems of Speech Processing
Digital Waveform Coding
   Sampling Theorem and Quantization
   Mu-law, A-law and Optimum Quantization
Time-Domain Analysis Methods
   Peak, Energy and Zero-crossing Measurements
   Auto-correlation Analysis
Differential Quantization 
Adaptive Quantization
   Adaptive Predictions and Applications
   Noise Shaping
Short-Time Spectrum Analysis Methods
   Definitions, Filterbanks, Computation, Sound Spectrograms
   Decimation and Interpolation
   Subband Coding
   Adaptive Transform Coding
Homomorphic Speech Processing
   Basic Theory, Cepstrum of Speech Signals, Pitch Detection
   Formant Analysis and Applications
Linear Prediction Analysis Methods
   Basic Theory, Computation, Formant Analysis, Spectrum Analysis
   Lattice Structures, LSPs, and Perceptual Weighting
   Recursive Autocorrelation Functions
Pitch Detection and Vocoders
Analysis-Synthesis Systems
   Multi-Pulse Excited Vocoder
   Code Excited Linear Predictive (CELP) Vocoder
   Self-Excited Vocoder and Regular Pulse Excited Vocoders
Modern Coding Standards
Speech Processing Issues
Introduction to Automatic Speech Recognition