ECE Course Outline


Introduction to Medical Image Processing (3-0-3)

(ECE 2025/2026 [min C]) and (CEE/ISYE/MATH 3770* or ISYE 2027* or ECE 3077 or BMED 2400)* Prerequisites indicated with an asterisk may be taken concurrently with ECE4783
Catalog Description
A study of mathematical methods used in medical acquisition and processing. Concepts, algorithms, and methods associated with acquisition, processing, and display of two- and three-dimensional medical images are studied. Crosslisted with BMED 4783.
Gonzalez RC, and Woods, Digital Image Processing (3rd edition), Prentice Hall, 2002. ISBN 9780131687288(optional) (comment: This book is strongly recommended. Course cross-listed with and taught by Biomedical Engineering. See BMED 4783.)

Rangayyan, Biomendcal Image Analysis (2004 edition), CRC Press.(optional) (comment: Additional Resource)

Rittscher, Machiraju, & Wong, Microscopic Image Analysis for Life Science Applications (Bioinformatics & Biomedical Imaging), Artech House, 2008.(optional) (comment: Additional Resource)

Modersitzki & Peters, Numerical Methods for Image Registration (Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computation), 2004.(optional)

Topical Outline