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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE4604 Course Syllabus


Network Design and Simulation (3-3-4)

ECE 3076/3600


Catalog Description
Introduces the principles of Monte Carlo techniques and network simulation, and applies them to design issues in ATM systems

No Textbook Specified.

Topical Outline
Part I: Simulation Methodologies

Pseudo-random numbers, generation of samples of a distribution, the 
inverse-transformation method.

Estimating expected-valued functions of a random variable by averaging the 
outputs of independent random experiments.  Special consideration will be 
given to exponential, Poisson, Gaussian and geometric random variables.

The memoryless property of the exponential distribution, and its use in 
simulating Poisson processes.

Input analysis: generating a distribution from experimental data.

Output analysis: variance reduction techniques.

Discrete event simulation:  the structure of discrete event systems, 
queueing systems, and fork-join networks.

Sensitivity analysis and optimization.

Part II:  Networks

The ISO Reference Model and the IEEE-802 LAN architecture.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode:  The basic protocol.

Network control: virtual connections, delay control and congestion control.

LAN emulation.

The lectures will cover the material in Part I and Part II in parallel, 
with emphasis on performance issues in ATM networks.  The students will 
prepare a simulation project for performance evaluation or optimization, 
and written reports on some of the main issues concerning ATM networks