ECE Course Outline


Electric Machinery Analysis (3-0-3)

ECE 3070/3300
Catalog Description
Advanced theory of AC machines, including AC motor winding design, finite element analysis, induction motor design, permanent magnet machine design, and synchronous machine dynamics. Credit not allowed for both ECE 4335 and ECE 6335.
Sarma, Electric Machines (4th edition), PWS Publishing Co., 1994. ISBN 9780078028168 (required)

Topical Outline
Steady State Synchronous Machines
* Per unit system and rated values
* Review of basic operation
* Salient pole machines
* Design of machine windings and Finite Element Analysis of magnetic fields
* Machine modeling
    1. Calculation of machine inductances
    2. Open and short circuit tests
    3. Leakage reactance measurement - Potier triangle
    4. Saturation modeling
* Permanent magnet machines
* Synchronous reluctance machines
* Performance characteristics
Dynamics Of Synchronous Machines (Sarma 10.1 thru 10.4)
* Coupled circuit (DQ) modeling of AC machines
* Transient reactances and time constants
* Transient parameters
* Transient stability
* Short circuit and sudden voltage change behavior
* Constant flux linkage theorem
* Time domain solution
* Small signal modeling and block diagram
* Control of synchronous generators

Induction Machines
* Review of basic operation
* Wound rotor machines
* Squirrel cage machines
* Double cage and deep-bar motors
* Single phase machines
* Linear induction motors

Scaling Laws for AC Machines

Design of Induction Machines
* Factors affecting main magnetizing inductance
* Factors affecting leakage inductance
* Slot design
* Machine resistances, skin effect
* Thermal design

Switched Reluctance Machines