ECE Course Outline


Power Electronics (2-2-3)

ECE 3040 [min C] and (ECE 3042* [min C] or ECE 3043 [min C])* Prerequisites indicated with an asterisk may be taken concurrently with ECE4330
Catalog Description
Introduces power semiconductor devices and power electronic converters, including single-phase and three-phase ac/dc rectifiers, ac voltage controllers, dc/dc converters and dc/ac inverters.
Hart, Introduction to Power Electronics, Prentice Hall, 1997. ISBN 9780023511820 (required)

A Laboratory Manual for Power Electronics, 1996. (required)

Topical Outline
Introduction (2 weeks)
        Basic principles and applications
        Instantaneous, average and rms quantities
        First order and RLC circuits with switches
        Recovery of trapped energy and the freewheeling diode
        Switch commutation and power dissipation

Power Semiconductor Devices (2 weeks)
        Power diodes and thyristors
        Power BJTs, power MOSFETs and IGBTs
        Thermal dissipation analysis and heatsink design
        Snubber circuits

Uncontrolled Rectifiers (2 weeks)
        Fourier analysis of electric power, active power
        Rectifier figures of merit
        Single-phase rectifiers: half-wave, full-wave

AC Voltage Controllers (1 week)
        On/Off control and phase control

Controlled Rectifiers (4 weeks)
        Phase control: firing angle, extinction angle
        Single-phase rectifiers: inductive load, freewheeling diode
        Three-phase rectifiers: half-wave, semi-controlled, full-bridge

DC/DC Converters (3 weeks)
        Steady-state analysis: flux, charge and energy balance
        Principle of operation: step-up and step-down
        Buck, boost, buck-boost, Cuk
        Transformer isolated topologies

AC Converters (1 week)
        Introduction to inverters
        Introduction to cycloconverters