ECE Course Syllabus

ECE4271 Course Syllabus


Applications of Digital Signal Processing (3-3-4)

ECE4270* * Prerequisites indicated with an asterisk may be taken concurrently with ECE4271


Catalog Description
Applications of DSP in speech, image processing, radar, pattern recognition, and adaptive filtering requiring working software implementations applied to the analysis of real signals.

No Textbook Specified.

Topical Outline
Speech Processing
          Models for Speech Signals
          Time-Domain Speech Processing
          Short-Time Fourier Analysis
          Design of Speech Coders
          Man-Machine Communication

     Radar and Sonar Signal Processing
          General Description of System Components
          Range Determination, Pulse Compression
          Velocity Measurement, Doppler Radars
          Angle-of-Arrival Determination

     Image Processing
          Multidimensional Filters and Transforms
          Image Models
          Image Compression
          Image Enhancement and Restoration
          Image Segmentation

     Adaptive Filters and Signal Modeling
          Wiener (Stochastic) Filtering
          LMS Algorithm
          Adaptive Equalization, Adaptive Arrays
          Design of Adaptive Echo Cancellers

     Pattern Recognition
          Statistical classifiers
          Training and testing
          Feature extraction
          Neural network classifiers