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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE4185 Course Syllabus


Embedded Microcontroller Design (3-3-4)

ECE 2031/20X2 and (ECE 3040 or ECE 3055/3056 or CS 3240 or CS 3510) [all ECE courses min C]


Catalog Description
Design, implement, and debug embedded microcontroller systems. Develop code; understand underlying assembly code instructions and addressing modes. Use ADC, timers, and other resources.

Peatman, Coin-Cell-Powered Embedded Design (2nd edition), Qwik&Low, 2008. ISBN 9780979977008 (required)

Topical Outline
1.	Introduction to C programming of a microcontroller via the modification of template code

2.	CPU structure, instruction set, addressing modes examined and understood via disassembled C code

3.	Sleep and idle modes for low-power operation

4.	Interrupt operation and options

5.	Internal microcontroller resources and their use
   a.	Clock sources
   b.	Watchdog timer
   c.	Timer/counters
   d.	Analog-to-digital converter
   e.	Input capture
   f.	Output compare
   g.	Data EEPROM
   h.	Serial peripheral interface
   i.	I2C interface

6.	Typical external resources
   a.	LCD
   b.	Potentiometer
   c.	Rotary pulse generator
   d.	Accelerometer
   e.	Stepper motor
   f.	Temperature sensor