ECE Course Outline


ECE Culminating Design Project I (2-0-2)

See topical outline
Catalog Description
First semester of ECE culminating design sequence. Design tools, financial principles, project management, probabilistic and statistical techniques, team forming. Requires formal reports and group presentations.
Hyman, Fundamentals of Engineering Design (2nd edition), Prentice-Hall, 2002. ISBN 013046712X, ISBN 978-0130467126 (required)

Topical Outline
CmpE Majors:  ECE3020 and ECE3030 and ECE3056 [all courses min C] 
EE Majors:  ECE3040 and ECE3043 and ECE3072 and ECE3025* and ECE3084* [all courses min C]
Both Majors:  (ECE3005 or ECE3006*) and ECON 2100/2101/2105/2106 and (CEE/ISYE/MATH 3770 or ECE 3077)

1.	Introduction to Engineering Design
   a.	Definition of engineering design
   b.	Description of the engineering design processes
   c.	Problem formulation tools ??? needs, requirements, specifications, risk/reward trade-offs

2.	Project Management
   a.	Project scheduling and time estimation
   b.	Project budgeting and job costing
   c.	Project documentation

3.	Probabilistic Elements in Design
   a.	Basic probability distribution models
   b.	Functions of single and multiple random variables
   c.	Engineering measurement fundamentals
   d.	Statistical design of experiments
   e.	Population sampling
   f.	Manufacturing variation and the effect on product design
   g.	Defects, yield and reliability

4.	Engineering Economics and Decision Making
   a.	Basic financial principles
   b.	Time value of money
   c.	Applications in engineering design, life-cycle costs
   d.	Cost-benefit analysis
   e.	Financial terms and corporate finances
   f.	Job costing and budgeting

5.	Project Definition, Development, and Team Forming
   a.	Team forming rules and deliverables
   b.	Technical background review instructions
   c.	Project proposal instructions ??? technical content
   d.	Project proposal instructions ??? communications
   e.	Project proposal workshop
   f.	Instructions for preparing proposal oral presentations
   g.	Senior design laboratory rules and ordering parts