Corporate Affiliates Partnerships (CAP)

The objective of CAP is to provide your company with branding opportunities and access to electrical and computer engineering students. We invite you to partner with us for the 2015-2016 academic year. Your gift of $10,000 will provide the engagement opportunities listed below.

Partner Benefits:
  • ECE Spring Career Fair (January 19-20, 2016)
    • One day registration fee is waived 
    • Online access to ECE student resumes 
    • Space for interviews 
  • Interview Rooms (Fall or spring semester)
  • Day in the Lobby (Fall or spring semester)
    • Van Leer Lobby
  • ECE Information Session (Fall or spring semester)
    • Classroom/auditorium space
  • CAP Marketing Support:
    Display of your marketing materials to promote events and job openings to ECE students via the following:

    • Digital signage
    • Directed emails
    • Website calendar
    • Social media
  • Assistance with organizing meetings with ECE student organizations (Fall or spring semester)
Contact Information:

Etta Pittman 
Director of Corporate Development-ECE
Tel: 404.894.6888

Anna Walker 
Corporate Relations Manager
Tel: 404.894.2273

Corporate Affiliates Partners:

Corporate Affiliates Partners Logos

Last revised February 7, 2017