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Microphysiological Systems Seminar Series

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Friday, December 3, 2021

11:00am - 12:00pm

Krone Engineered Biosystems Building, CHOA Seminar Room

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Event Details

Title: Biophysical characterization of 3D cell cultures

Speakers: Francesco Bacchi (MSc), Cell Dynamics, and Dilara Sever, Nexus Scientific

Abstract: With the worldwide claim for uniformity in 3D cell culture methods, the focus is no longer if the biophysical characterization will constitute a factor into your experiment, but how scientists could precisely assess the homogeneity of the 3D sample populations. The scientific landscape, besides, strongly requires researchers to correlate biophysical parameters with the readouts of the commonly used in vitro tests. And most importantly, when it comes to culturing 3D cell models as spheroids or organoids, their biophysical properties, such as cellular density and size-dependent mass transport, holds a biological relevance, thereby representing a source of data variability to be considered.

About the W8 Physical Cytometer: The W8 Physical Cytometer is the only full automated instrument for the biophysical characterization of 3D sphere-like biological samples, like spheroids and organoids. It covers the range from 50 µm sized small clusters up to larger samples with 500 µm in diameter. The combination of groundbreaking flow-based technology with bright-field image-based analysis provides the user with an entire data set of sample’s mass density, weight, and size values, in just few minutes. And even more important, physical-based sorting of a target sub-population can be operated, based on pre-selected ranges of these parameters.

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