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Ph.D. Proposal Oral Exam - Muhammad Ali

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

10:30am - 12:30pm

Room 201, MARC

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Event Details

Title:  Modeling, Design and Fabrication of Miniaturized, High Performance and Integrated Passive Components for 5G and mm-Wave Applications


Dr. Tummala, Advisor   

Dr. Peterson, Chair

Dr. Swaminathan

Dr. Durgin

Dr. Pulugurtha


The objective of the proposed research is to model, design, fabricate and characterize integrated passive components for 5G and mm-wave applications on advanced substrates such as laminated glass. These passive components include filters, power dividers and antenna arrays using the power dividers. Glass substrate is emerging as an ideal candidate to realize mm-wave technologies. This is mainly because of its low loss, superior dimensional stability, ability to form fine-pitch, low-cost through-vias, stability to temperature and humidity, matched coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) with devices and availability in large-area, low-cost panels. Glass packaging enables major advances in mm-wave component design rules to achieve both miniaturization and performance. The primary focus of this thesis is to utilize advanced 3D glass package integration to design, fabricate and demonstrate mm-wave components with footprint smaller than twice the free-space wavelength corresponding to the operating frequency, and less than 200-microns z-height. Such components can be seamlessly integrated into RF front-end modules (FEMs), as integrated passive devices (IPDs) or as embedded thin-film components. The characterization results of the fabricated components reveal an excellent correlation between simulated and measured results.

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