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Alumni Give Back

No one ever built a business on "business as usual." Change is the only constant and success means finding and working with the people that engineer change. On any given day, Georgia Tech ECE makes things better, smaller, faster, and more efficient.

We couldn’t do it without the talented minds of our students and faculty—or the generosity of our alumni.

Thanks for helping us lead, orchestrate, and bring all kinds of amazing things to life.

Your support can be directed to ECE faculty, students, and facilities through the following alumni giving programs:

We rely on support from our alumni to help provide our students with an exceptional learning environment that is rigorous in fundamental electrical and computer engineering skills and challenging with hands-on design experience.

  • CREATE-X: Endowing support for this new, interdisciplinary initiative is our top priority, and we seek $25 million in order to do so. This set of courses and experiments will empower students with the skills to “create their own job,” whether working in corporate America or starting their own company. Named programmatic endowments are available starting at $25,000. Learn more about CREATE-X.
  • Undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships: These help attract the most promising and diverse undergraduate and graduate students to Georgia Tech ECE. Your support of scholarships and fellowships will allow Georgia Tech ECE the competitive advantage needed to secure their admission. Named endowed scholarships and fellowships are available starting at $25,000. 

World-class faculty is the key ingredient to Georgia Tech ECE’s exceptional ratings and reputation.

  • Endowing chairs, professorships, and faculty awards: This private support is critical for our ability to attract and retain Georgia Tech ECE’s top teachers and researchers. Endowed chairs are available starting at $2 million; endowed professorships are available starting at $1 million; endowed early career/junior professorships are available starting at $500,000; and faculty awards are available starting at $25,000.

New and renovated facilities are no longer possible without support from private donors. Our top priority is the renovation of Georgia Tech ECE’s headquarters, the 52-year-old Van Leer Building, located at 777 Atlantic Drive N.W. and central within the Georgia Tech campus. We envision this renovated facility will serve as a central location for students to gather and much of the renovated space will be designated as a student-operated, open design center. Named opportunities are available beginning at $25,000.

  • Outright gift—cash, check, wire transfer, or stock
  • Multi-year pledge, with installments up to 5 years
  • Bequest or estate donation
  • A gift from your IRA
  • Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) or Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA)


Contact Anna Walker to contribute to the above alumni giving opportunities.

Last revised August 14, 2018