The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech offers some of the world’s most comprehensive educational and research programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Our electrical and computer engineering academics are led by faculty at the top of their fields. You will gain hands-on experience in our research centers and labs, and learn to succeed in a global high-tech marketplacethrough our international programs.

Where do you want to make change happen?

Georgia Tech electrical and computer engineers are at the core of research and development for all current and future technologies.

3D Printing | Cybersecurity | Satellite TV and Radio | Electric Cars | Solar Energy |

Cloud Computing | Virtual Reality | High-speed Internet | Biotechnology |

Super Computing | Wearable Technology

Increase efficiency. Enable faster communications. Provide cleaner energy sources. Help people with disabilities lead fuller lives. These are the types of things that we do. Not only is it challenging and worthwhile work, graduates of ECE at Georgia Tech are among the highest paid of all engineering disciplines. Industry recruiters and top graduate, business, medical, and law schools also hotly pursue them. A Georgia Tech ECE degree is recognized and respected around the world.

Degrees Awarded in 2017

Undergraduates: 375 (244 EE, 131 CmpE)

Graduates: 435 (338 Masters, 97 Doctoral)


Fall 2017 Enrollment

Undergraduates: 1,465 (868 EE, 597 CmpE)

Graduates: 1,151 (552 Masters, 599 Doctoral)

Faculty Snapshot

Georgia Tech ECE faculty members are committed to high-quality teaching, giving students hands-on experiences, and exposing them to cutting-edge research. Get to know our brainy, bright, forward-thinking leaders in computer and electrical engineering.

Last revised March 23, 2018