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Ultra-fast Photonic Devices - Nanophotonics - Integrated Polymer Optics

The development of optical telecommunication networks with increasing capacity requires new reconfigurable photonic components that can be controlled to modulate, switch, route and delay optical signals with increased speed, reduced power, and smaller foot print.

Our research in this area focuses on the following key aspect:
- exploit polymers with high second-order and third-order optical nonlinearities to develop novel electro-optic and all-optical ultrafast and low power photonic devices.
- explore new nanophotonic device geometries to develop innovative devices with enhanced performance.

Examples of device geometries under investigation include microring resonators coupled to waveguides. Such devices require nanoscale fabrication facilities capabilities that we have access to through the MiRC at Georgia Tech which is part of the NNN (National Nanotechnology Network).

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