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Organic LEDs

Organic light-emitting devices (OLEDs) are new light sources that find applications in flat panel displays and solid-state lighting. Our research in this area is highly multidisciplinary and focuses on the following key aspects:

Development of new molecules and polymers with optimized stability, optical, electrical, and structural properties. New chemistries are exploited to add functionality such as easy photopatterning capabilities, for instance.

Insertion and testing of the new materials in devices with novel architecture to maximize luminance, efficacy, lifetime, and operation at high temperature.

Examples of past accomplishments in this area include, the demonstration of OLEDs with efficiencies comparable to incandescent light bulbs (20 lm/W), the development of stable low workfunction cathodes based on co-depositions of alkaly halides and aluminum, the demonstration of photopatternable materials that can be processed like a photoresist.

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