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Organic Electronics - Tomorrow's pervasive chips

Organic semiconductors can be processed into thin films at low temperature onto flexible substrates using shadow masking or various printing techniques. When combined with insultors and metals, these materials can be used to develop plastic chips. Such devices have the potential to find new applications in areas where low cost and large area are essential.

Our research in this area focuses on the following key aspects:

- development of new electron and hole transport materils with high mobility.
- optimization and modeling of discrete active and passive devices such as field-effect transistors, analog transitors, inverters, ring oscillators, and logic gates.
- integration of organic devices into arrays and circuits for displays, sensors, memories, RFID tags, and photodetectors.

Recent accomplishments in this area include, the demonstration of hihg mobility in slef-assembled mesophases of discoptic liquid crystals, and the demonstration of high electron mobility field-effect transistors based on fullerenes.

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