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Organic Electronics Lab - MS&E 4232 A

This laboratory is dedicated to the chraterization of organic electronic device and circuits. Experiments can be carried-out in inert atmosphere with a Lucas-Signatone H100 series microprobe stationcontained in an MBraun Labmaster 130 nitrogen glove-box. Electrical characterization is carried out with an Agilent E5272A 2 channel source-monitor unit ( ± 100V DC range, 200 mA current limit) and an Agilent 4284A precision LCR meter (20 Hz to 1 MHz). All measurements are automated using LabVIEW software.

Characterization of liquid crystals is carried-out with an Olympus BX51 optical polarizing microscope configured to work in both transmitted and reflected light at a maximum magnification of 50X. This system includes digital image capture and analysis capabilities and a temperature controlled hot stage from Instec, Inc. that is capable of reaching + 200°C.




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