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Organic Thin Film Deposition Lab - MS&E 4232 A

Vacuum deposition of organics is achieved with a Kurt J. Lesker “Spectros” high vacuum, physical vapor deposition system. This tool is equipped with 4 specially designed organic evaporation sources and 2 standard metal evaporation sources. The system operates under computer control for run-to-run repeatability and has the capability to carry out co-depositions of several materials.

The Spectros system is accessed via an MBraun Labmaster nitrogen double glove-box for oxygen free device handling. Characterization of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices is carried out in the first of the two boxes using two dedicated experimental set-ups. Electrical characterization (I-V measurement) of OLEDs is carried out using a Keithley 2400 source-meter and absolute luminance (Cd/m 2) is measured using a calibrated Si detector and data acquisition board. Organic photovoltaic performance is also measured using a Keithley 2400 source-meter under both broadband solar simulator and quasi-monochromatic illumination (Xe lamp with addition of a grating monochromator). All measurements are automated using LabVIEW software. An Oriel Xenon based solar simulator is also available (not contained within glove-box) to test OPV devices under AM1.5 conditions.

The second glove-box contains a solvent vapor removal system for an integrated Headway Research spin coater used in the solution processing of oxygen and water sensitive materials. A Laurell Technologies bench-top spin coater external to the glove box is also available to process materials that do not require a controlled environment

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