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MoNaCo: Molecular
Nano-Communication Networks



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Post-Docs and Graduate Researchers

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Marie Harber (President's Undergraduate Research Award)


  • Massimiliano Pierobon (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

  • Gregory L. Holst (Ph.D. student, School of Mechanical Engineering)

  • Albert Mestres Sugrañes (visiting student, Polytechnic University of Catalunya)

  • Ling-San Meng (visiting Ph.D. student, National Taiwan University)

  • Daniel Russakow (M.S. student, School of Mechanical Engineering)

  • Nishith Agarwal (M.S. student, College of Computing)

  • Michael McKinnon (Undergraduate student, President's Undergraduate Research Award)

  • Peter Su (visiting Undergraduate student, National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network Research Experience for Undergraduates Program)

  • Matt Marchese (Undergraduate student, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program award for MSNT)

  • Stephen Culpepper (Undergraduate student, microscope automation)

  • Kevin Sou (Undergraduate student)

  • Mitesh Agrawal (iGEM team member)

  • Samit Watve (iGEM team member)

  • Jennifer M. Boothby (iGEM team member)

  • Joseph Elsherbini (iGEM team member)

  • Natalie Chilcutt (iGEM team member)

  • Jennifer Goff (iGEM team member)

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