The BWN Lab Researcher of the Year Award is given to a lab member who demonstrates outstanding research achievements throughout the year.

The winner receives a PLAQUE and a conference trip.

BWN Lab Researcher of the Year Award
2014 Youssef Chahibi
2014 A. Ozan Bicen
2013 David M. Gutierrez Estevez
2012 Pu Wang
2011 Massimiliano Pierobon
2010 Josep Miquel Jornet
2009 Zhi Sun
2008 Won-Yeol Lee
2007 Kaushik Roy Chowdhury
2006 Mehmet Can Vuran
2005 Dario Pompili
2004 Tommaso Melodia
2003 Ozgur B. Akan
2002 Caterina Scoglio
2001Eylem Ekici
2000Wenye Wang

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