ECE Courses

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To present the laws and applications of electromagnetics.
Electromagnetic and Microwave Applications
Concepts of electromagnetic fields as applied to microwave circuit design and antenna radiation.
RF-Microwave Measurement Laboratory
RF/microwave measurement theory and techniques. Use of state-of-the-art equipment operating into the GHz range.
Antenna Engineering
Basic theory, application, and design of a broad range of antennas.
Introduction to Radar and Electromagnetic Sensing
Introduces students to radar systems, including pulsed, CW, CWFM and MTI radars. Other techniques for electromagnetic sensing such as radiometry and EM tagging are discussed.
Electromagnetic Compatibility
To study electromagnetic interference and susceptibility of electrical systems, with application to analog and digital circuits.
Applied Electromagnetics
The methodology and application of advanced electromagnetic theory.
Microwave Design
Applications of electromagnetic theory to microwave components and systems. Introduction to the latest characterization and design techniques including monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) technology.
Microwave Design Laboratory
This laboratory course will teach microwave measurement/design fundamentals for both passive and active components. Students will use both CAD tools and network analyzers.
Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas
The fundamentals of electromagnetic radiation and antennas.
Introduction to Computational Electromagnetics
The practical application of the finite-difference time-domain and finite element techniques to electromagnetic problems. Computer projects are required.
Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems
To introduce satellite communications and navigation system design including microwave transmission, satellite transponders, earth station hardware and satellite networks. A design project is required.
Antennas and Wave Propagation in Matter
Basic methods for characterizing the electromagnetic properties of common materials (geophysical, biological, etc.) and techniques for analyzing antennas and wave propagation in these materials.
Topics in Computational Electromagnetics
Computational approaches for applications such as radar signature prediction, microwave antenna and device design, and modeling techniques for electronic packaging.